Having winter approved all-weather tires means that can drive safely on snow and ice

all-weather tires

Tire selection is important, and it becomes even more important when you make the selection for winter tires or winter approved all-weather tires, as driving on snow, ice and slush that occurs during the winter season require the correct tires that can handle that. The tread has to be wide enough to channel slush through it and be able to remove it quickly to the side so that you don’t risk losing control over your vehicle, which happens when the layer of slush remains between the tires and the road surface and resulting in slushplaning.

The advantage with winter approved all-weather tires is that you don’t have to alternate between winter and all-season tires, you can keep on set of tires on your vehicle for the whole year. You will always have tires on your vehicle that can handle snow, ice and slush and at the same time have a tread that can handle wet and dry summer roads. This requires a rubber compound that has both natural and synthetic rubber with added silica to ensure good wear resistance and wet grip throughout the year. The tread has a bifunctional where half of it is dedicated to the winter and the other half to the summer conditions. The winter approval means that they have passed the stringent tests that are necessary for the severe service emblem that is placed on winter approved tires.

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