High-speed cars will need to use special winter tyres

Your tyre selection should always take into consideration the car and your driving style and then ensure that it fits to the weather conditions where you aim to drive. If you have a high-powered car you definitely will need to make sure that you have tyres that can match the performance that you are looking for. This also goes for any other special vehicle. Your SUVs will need larger tyres, your electric car or hybrids will need more wear resistant tyres that can handle the higher torque and weight.

When it comes to high-speed cars, you probably have one as you enjoy driving very fast. Then you will need to equip it with tyres that can handle high speeds. This is for both summer tyres as well as winter tyres. Roads in Central Europe is often geared up with high-speed roads, like Autobahn in Germany where speeds tend to be unlimited on several stretches. Not all tyres can handle high speeds, so if you are not careful and invest in tyres that don’t have the proper high-speed rating your tyres can have blow-out, which is very serious and dangerous.

There are some new high-speed tyres developed by Nokian Tyres that are aimed for Central Europe and they are targeted towards the Central European markets, where non-studded tyres are more acceptable as studded tyres are banned in Germany and Poland. The new tyres are called Nokian Snowproof P, where the P indicates that they are the high-speed version, whereas the Nokian Snowproof without the P are for normal passenger cars in Central Europe that require a premium non-studded tyre.

The advantage with the Nokian Snowproof is that they are the latest addition that incorporate all the innovations and tyre technology to create an exceptional tyre that has outstanding grip and traction for both normal passenger cars as well as the high-powered fast vehicles. Since they are coming from the inventor of winter tyres and have been tested in extreme winter conditions, you can rest assured that they are built to perform during winter conditions, regardless if you have a passenger car or if want to drive very fast on Autobahn in a sportscar.

When driving during the winter, safety is very important, and these tyres will provide you with the best grip on winter roads. When you don’t have studs on your tyres, the grip on ice and snow comes down to the tread. The tread will have sipes and made of a rubber compound that will incorporate cryo-crystals to create grip on snow and ice. The tread will ensure that it can grip the snow and the sipes will enhance the grip both on snow and ice. This is the reason why you need to purchase premium tyres, because if. you don’t have all this in a perfect harmony you will not be able to drive safely during the winter time without increasing your risk for an accident.

For more information regarding tyres aimed for high performance cars, visit: https://www.nokiantyres.com/

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