How to drive safely with non-studded tyres

When you go are going to purchase a new set of winter tyres and you want to get non-studded tyres, you need take your time to make the selection to ensure that you get the best tyres for your vehicle that fits your driving needs and be suitable for the area you live and drive in. You need to know what are the available non-studded tyres and if studded tyres are available you should have also considered them as an option. Even though both are meant for winter use, they are very different from each other.

Just buying non-studded tyres does not guarantee your safety during the winter season, even if you purchase premium tyres. You will still need to drive carefully and observe the traffic. In fact, you will need to be more careful with your driving considering how challenging it is to drive on snow and ice packed roads. Studded tyres will in general have better grip on ice than non-studded tyres as the metal studs are able to dig into the ice surface to create good grip. On snow they are though more or less the same as there you have more effect by the tread pattern than the studs.

Another thing that you can do to increase your safety when driving a vehicle that has non-studded tyres is slowing down whenever you are entering corners. Even though these tyres have sipes that increase traction with a snowy and icy surface, you can easily skid if you turn a corner at high speed. Do not be in a rush to reach where you are going and forget about your safety. You better drive slowly and reach where you are going safely than rush and get yourself in an accident that you will regret forever.

Be careful with accelerating in corners and bends when you are driving on winter roads. If you accelerate or apply brakes abruptly, you can lose balance and skid off the road. You cannot blame the non-studded tyres for not performing well, when you make mistakes. Remember that you as the driver is responsible, not the tyres. The tyres are merely there to help you have the best circumstances for you to drive safely. If you drive recklessly, you will still be at high risk of getting into an accident even if you have the best premium non-studded tyres on your vehicle.

Speed is always a challenge when you drive, as it increases the chance of accidents. Part of it is due to the fact that the braking distance increases significantly which gives you less reaction time. Then you also have the fact that it is easier to get into a skid if you have slush on the road, as it gives the tyres less time to push the slush to the sides. You also have higher forces on the car when you take corners that can cause the tyres to lose its grip.

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