How to Remove Old Window Tints at home?

Car window tints rose to popularity as it efficiently and effectively solved many drivers’ major issues on their clear windows, including privacy, heat, and glare. These give car owners additional security and comfortability while driving.

Today, car owners invest in stylish and high-quality tint films like those from window tinting Pittsburg CA companies. Window films help cars maintain good performance in the long run. However, these benefits that window films provide obviously come with a price, and sometimes it costs you a lot.

After some time, tint discolorations and bubble formations will appear and it is advisable to replace window tints when they appear. If you are too busy or on a tight budget, worry no more because you can do it on your own.

Materials needed

  • razor blade
  • dishwashing soap
  • soft cloth
  • spray bottle
  • water
  • glass cleaner

The Process

  • Step 1. Use the razor blade to make a small cut on the edge of the tint. Scratches on windows or windshields can be avoided when the blade is not cutting too deeply.
  • Step 2. When peeling off the film, always start from the corner of the window. Do this process slowly to ensure that you will get rid of all of the tint films in the window. Use the razor blade if it does not peel off in one piece.
  • Step 3. Make a soapy mixture for spraying the leftover adhesive. In a spray bottle, mix the dishwashing liquid and the water. Then spray it on the adhesive.
  • Step 4. Let the adhesive soften up for a few hours. Let it sit and soak first with the soapy solution you sprayed. This will make the next process much easier.
  • Step 5. Before continuing to scrape the tint films, always ensure that the glass is wet enough. This will avoid unwanted scratches on your windows or windshields. Avoid scraping the film when it gets dry. Always keep it moist. Repeat this process until the adhesive is peeled off entirely.
  • Step 6. Apply glass cleaner or the soapy mixture on a soft cloth to clean the window. Scratches can be avoided by keeping out from using an ammonia-based cleaner or abrasive cleaning products.

These quick and easy steps on window tint replacement can help you save time and money. But if you need an extra hand for this task, you may seek skilled professionals offering high-quality services like specialists in window tinting Camarillo company.

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