Nokian Seasonproof can be used all-year round

If you want to be able to use one set of tires for the whole year, then you should look at the new all-season tires from Nokian Tyres. They are called Nokian Seasonproof. The advantage of using them is that you can have excellent safety regardless of weather conditions. So, no matter if you drive on summer roads or slippery winter roads, these tyres are built to handle both safely with good performance.

What makes these tyres so good?

The fact that Nokian Tyres have managed to combine the features of a summer and winter tyre into one tyre, make these tyres very unique. These are ideal tyres for areas where a switch to winter tyres from summer tyres might be inconvenient due to the limited time of winter, or that the weather is constantly changing. Here you get excellent safety during snowy winter days as well as excellent performance during the summer days. So that you have the best of both worlds without having to change tyres. In addition, they have low rolling resistance so that you have low fuel consumption and low tyre wear. You do however have to rotate the tyres as you are not changing between summer and winter tyres. As these tyres are directional due to the tread pattern, you should only change between back and front tyres from the same side. Make the rotation when you have a difference between the rear and front tyres of around 2-3 mm. This way you can change all four tyres at the same time, which is important for driving performance as difference in grip between the different tyre positions can cause the car to over- or understeer.

Tyres will need to have great aquaplaning prevention properties as well as being able to prevent slushplaning, these tyres are able to do that. They have added a new concept that they call Season Sense Concept. This combines various innovative features in all areas of the tyres such as compound, tread design and siping. The new rubber compound will stay soft and agile at the full temperature range and contains silica for extra durability and low rolling resistance. It also provides for excellent wet grip for those rainy summer days.

The tread pattern is directional with stiff block design and is designed to offer excellent performance in varying conditions to allow for ultimate safety for all-seasons regardless if it is on snow or dry roads. You also have the multifunctional all-season siping, that allow for effective channeling of slush and water in wet conditions, with improved performance due to its polished groove design.

In addition to all this, you also have innovations such as snow claws between the tread blocks that can offer excellent grip and controlled driving on snow during braking and acceleration. Then you have snow grip boosters on the tread blocks to improve the longitudinal and lateral grip.  The tyres are available for both passenger cars and larger SUVs.

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