The Auto Tinting Process

Auto Tinting

After deciding to let professionals or tint masters in MN  install tints on your car’s windows, you might be wondering what is going to happen to your vehicle once in the tinter’s shop. Most window tinting companies follow the basic process of auto tints installation and others have unique ways of installing automotive tints.

Nevertheless, the installing process below is an excellent example of what happens when taking a car to a professional window tinting shop:

Tinting Environment

Upon arrival at the tinting shop, a technician will take the car to wind and dust-free space which is usually an indoor garage. This area is regularly vacuumed and cleaned by professional window glaze dealers to prevent contaminants from entering between the adhesive and the glass.

Prepping the Windows

Professional tinters will remove dirt and debris then prep the car’s windows with a solution of soap and water using a sponge and squeegee. While readying the film, tinters will move the film below the window on a clean surface to work with. After wiping the exterior and interior surface of the automobile’s windows, tinters will then give extra attention to the inner surface of the window where the film will be installed.

Measuring and Cutting

Essentially, this is the process of measuring the car’s windows and then cutting pieces of film from a master roll to fit the measurements taken. Expert tinters will also use a heat gun to shrink the film so it fits and curves to the glass.

Peel Board

After cutting and measuring, the installers will then remove the film and position it on a pane of glass called “peel board”. This process will refine and carve out finer details and round out the sharp edges on the corners to ensure that they will not peel when the windows roll up and down.


After films are sized and shaped, the installation is next. After installation, Davis window tinting professionals will see if their work is satisfactory by examining windows both inside and outside then smooth out any imperfections.

Dry Time

After installation, the tinter will then return the car and remind owners to let the film dry for at least three days before rolling down the windows.

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