Tires for your light truck

265/74R16 all-season tires

As with all vehicles you need to make sure that you find tires that are suitable for your vehicle. If you have a light truck, then you need light truck tires. They tend to be the same tires that can also be used for CUVs and SUVs. It all depends on what dimension that the manufacturer of your light truck recommends. You are probably looking at tires with a dimension like 265/75R16. As with any vehicle you will need different tires if you plan to drive in winter conditions.

Finding all-season, all-weather or winter tires in these dimensions isn’t difficult. You can search for 265/75R16 winter tires or ask your local tire shop to see what they have. If you plan to drive in winter conditions, then you will need to have tires that are approved for winter use. They will need to be alternated with a set of 265/75R16 all-season tires that are used during the warm seasons and the winter tires for the cold season.

You do need to make sure that you get the right tires and also that the tires are of premium quality, so that you can drive safely. When driving a light truck, you want to make sure that you have sufficient grip for cornering and also great wet grip when driving in heavy rain. The tires should also be good at preventing aquaplaning. Since light trucks are heavier vehicles than traditional passenger cars, you will need to make sure that the tires are capable of carrying the heavier load. You should also make sure that you have tires that are durable enough. If you plan to do some off-road driving it is also advisable to purchase tires that have aramid-reinforced sidewalls, to limit the risk of getting punctures from sharp objects or stones.

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