Tyres that will let your powerful SUV excel

Having a good set to complement your SUV is vital for the performance. If you have a powerful SUV you will need to purchase tyres that can handle the extra weight and have the performance to match a powerful SUV. The Nokian Powerproof are SUV summer tyres that are aimed to match that claim. These are so called premium Ultra High Performance (UHP) tyres. They deliver on everything that you want from a premium tyres, such as great control and stability even at high speeds, allowing for controlled lane changes and sudden braking.

As with the whole range of SUV tyres from Nokia Tyres, the sidewalls are reinforced with aramid sidewall technology, to ensure that they are protected from sharp objects and stones when driving off-road as well as curbs when parking. Even though these tyres are more for highway and city driving than off road, where you might want to invest in a set of Nokian Rockproof, which are the ultimate tyre for off-road driving. Or if it is only casual off-road driving you can opt for a set of Nokian Rotiiva AT or Nokian Rotiiva AT plus.

When it comes to SUV summer tyres is that if you plan to drive in winter conditions, you still need to use tyres that are approved for winter use. You will need SUV tyres that are winter approved, which are the SUV winter tyres and some of the SUV all-weather tyres. Even though the SUV tyres of this caliber will look very rugged and like that they can handle every weather or road conditions, they don’t handle low temperatures very well. They also don’t have a tread design that is aimed for snow, slush and ice. This need either studs combined with a tread that can handle snow or then some added cryo crystals that creates grip on ice.

In addition, with these big powerful SUVs they are heavy and will need to have very good grip to both accelerate and deaccelerate. If you don’t change tyres before the winter weather arrives, you will put yourself in jeopardy and should avoid driving. This is where a lot of people fail, and they will end up believing that their SUV can handle the snow and then end up in an accident. It is simple, if you plan to drive in winter conditions, then you have to decide if you want to alternate tyres between summer and winter tyres, or if you prefer to have one set for the whole year.

Having one set for the whole year lowers the performance and you will not be able to use the Nokian Powerproof during the summer and you might then have to use Nokian Weatherproof instead. If you want to keep the performance you are better using the Powerproof and combine it with good high-performance winter tyres, like the Nokian WR SUV 4. That gives you the best performance throughout the year.

For more information regarding the Nokian Tyres premium SUV tyre, Nokian Powerproof, visit: https://www.nokiantyres.com/

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