Use winter tyres on your car to keep you out of accidents

The best way to stay safe when driving during the winter is to equip the car with a premium set of winter tyres. This should be enough to ensure that you will have solid grip on snow and ice when driving. This requires tyres that are approved for winter conditions and have the Snowflake symbol on the sidewall of the tyre and that they are in good condition.

In order to stay safe during the winter you need to have proper winter tyres. Winter tyres have the properties needed to keep you safe when you drive on snow, ice and slush. If you don’t have the correct tyres, you risk being in an accident. Having summer tyres mounted on your vehicle that will not have the correct properties to manoeuvre though winter conditions is associated with danger and should thus be avoided.

Summer tyres turn hard at low temperatures and you lose the necessary friction needed to have some grip.  Your braking distance increases and you practically lose all grip especially on ice. The best way to stay safe is by mounting a set of winter tyres on your vehicle and making sure that the tyres that you have selected are the correct dimension and that they are of premium quality so that they have the great safety performance when you drive on both dry roads as well as when you have some harsh winter conditions.

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