Winter tires for electric cars that have low rolling resistance

winter tires

Tires that are made for electrical cars should have very low rolling resistance. They now have tires that have ultra-low rolling resistance. The Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2, which are winter tires that was originally developed for BMW’s unique electric car i3. These tires combine ultra-low rolling resistance with ultimate grip and excellent driving comfort. These tires will get you 30% further on each charge compared to ordinary tires. The low rolling resistance was first developed for electric cars to ensure that they could get distances that would make sense between each charge. We have now reached ultra-low levels.

When you purchase new tires, even if it is all-season tires or winter tires, they should be recommended for use on electric cars and even the same goes for hybrids. This is because when you use electric motors you have a higher torque creating a bit more wear on the tires. You also have the heavy battery packs, which makes the vehicles heavier and it puts more effort on the tires when you brake and accelerate. If you select tires that are not recommended for electric cars, the tires might wear too quick and they might not have the sufficient grip and traction for safe driving.

Tire selection is very important for the overall safety and you will need to match the tires to the performance of the vehicle. You also need to change the tires according the weather, so that you always have winter tires mounted before the winter arrives and then change back to the all-season tires once the winter has passed. You can also in some cases use winter approved all-weather tires. These have the advantage that you can use them all-year round and you always have safe tires to drive with. That makes them perfect if you don’t have so long winters that warrants the use of dedicated winter tires.

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