Best Boarding School

Best Boarding School

If you are opting to spend your grade 9-12 at a boarding school, you must be prepared not only financially but also with the process of choosing the best one for you. Boarding school typically means that board and room become an essential part of shaping the youth’s success while living on the school premises.

To get into Ivy League Schools, many students search for the words “how to get into Stanford“ or “how to get into Harvard“ and other similar queries for other Ivy League Schools each year. Because it’s hard to enter such schools, students must first aim to get accepted in prestigious boarding schools to help them get admitted to the likes of Harvard and Stanford. To help you compare the best of the best boarding school in the United States, below are some of the best boarding schools you can check for yourself. The factors of the best schools are broken down through various criteria such as acceptance rate, location, average ACT and SAT, percentage of students boarding, number of students, notable alumni from each school, percentage of students receiving financial aid, and tuition. This is to ensure its credibility and intellectual environment.

The Phillips Exeter Academy is one of the most prestigious ones located in the country. While many find this one of the most challenging boarding schools to get into, it is worth each student’s hardship. This is because 100% of students from Phillips Exeter Academy go on to attend a 4-year college. With its unique teaching method, many consider this. Aside from this, they are famous for helping families pay for tuition by offering an Income-Based Financial Aid Estimator.

Another boarding school that you can check is the Phillips Academy Andover. It is also known as Andover and it was founded in 1778, shortly after its rival, Phillips Exeter. Some of the brightest minds in the world came in this, such as George W. Bush (43rd U.S. President), Bill Belichick (Six-time winning coach of the New England Patriots), and Julia Alvarez (Award-winning Dominican American Poet, Novelist, and Essayist).

Phillips Academy Andover takes pride in its generosity as they meet 100% of each family’s financial needs. They are also known for accepting the most promising and talented students.

For more information about the best boarding school in the US, see this infographic from Admission Sight.

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