Buying new SUV summer tyres

With the warmer weather arriving you might want to consider a new set of SUV summer tyres for your sport SUV. The difference between SUV winter tyres and the summer tyres are that they are designed to cope with the summer heat and still being able to have excellent wet grip and braking distance on wet roads. They should also be good at preventing aquaplaning during wet conditions to that you can drive safely without having to worry about losing control of your SUV due to aquaplaning.

SUV summer tyres are especially formulated to deal with summer weather, which can include everything from very hot days to heavy rain. They should have sidewalls that are reinforced with aramid, which is commonly referred to as “Aramid Sidewall technology”. Having this your tyres will be well protected on rough roads as its reinforced sidewall technology gives an increased protection for impact and cuts. These tyres also make sure that you get the most out of our SUV as the steering should be both quick and responsive allowing ultimate driving pleasure when navigating even at high speeds that are possible during the summer. Equipped with strong aramid fibers same ones that are used in the bulletproof wests, you can feel safer rolling down the highway.

For the summers, as winter tyres are not an option to use during the summer, you basically have two options. You can use summer tyres or you can use all-season tyres. The all-season tyres can handle both summer and winter conditions and are also known as all-weather tyres. They can be winter approved, so they can safely be used all-year round even in harsh winter conditions. These tyres to provide excellent safety, convenience and comfort in areas where you have ever so changing conditions that it will be hard to plan for timely changes between summer and winter tyres or where the winters are so short that the change might not feel warranted.

The all-weather tyres are really a mix of winter tyres and summer tyres even on snow. With snow claws on the tread’s diagonal and longitudinal grooves, snow and ice will not be a problem. This allows for the tyres to perform equally well on dry surfaces as any wet or winter surfaces. These tyres can also help to prevents hydroplaning, both slushplaning and aquaplaning, something that is really important for heavy summer rains and the melting of the snow in the spring.

So even though the all-season tyres are not a bad option dedicated summer tyres still perform better in the summer. That is because summer tyres are specially formulated to deal with warm weather and occasional wet roads. The softer rubber compound in summer tyres can handle the heat better and offer more grip in both dry and wet conditions. For the best performance you want that any steering, braking or handling is optimal, so that you can truly enjoy driving in perfect conditions with your sports SUV.

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