Safe spring driving

Driving during the spring can be difficult, as most of us wants to get our summer tyres on our car and put the winter tyres on storage. You do however need to ensure that the winter weather will not return. The roads should be free from snow and slush for you to drive safely with summer tyres. The winter tyres should be kept on for as long as you still think that the snow might return. If you are heavily dependent on your car, you should wait longer to ensure that you don’t get stuck with summer tyres and then there you have a snowstorm. You should never try to drive with summer tyres when you have roads covered by snow, ice or slush. Even when have rain mixed with snow it can be very dangerous to drive without proper winter approved tyres.

The all-season tyres are perfect for driving during springtime as they can handle both winter and summer conditions if they are winter approved. They are an ideal tyre for areas that have unstable weather conditions with a lot of changes between summer and winter conditions. They are though not the best if you have long winters, as then you have better safety by changing to winter tyres and alternating with summer tyres.

When driving it should be all about safety first, that means that you will need to have a safe vehicle and make sure that you equip the vehicle with safe tyres of premium quality. When you purchase premium tyres you will get a better tyre with better safety properties that will also last longer and consume less fuel while you drive. The long-term savings and safety far outweigh the initial extra investment made. Properties such as shorter braking distance, better handling and grip combined with better driving comfort is very valuable when you already have invested a lot of money into purchasing a vehicle.

The spring can have a lot of changing weather conditions, from snowy roads, to melting snow and even slush. Slush can be very tricky to drive in and it can even cause the car to slusplane, which happens when the layer of slush gets between the car tyres and the road surface. When you lose the contact with the road surface you also lose the control over the vehicle as braking and turning will not be acknowledged as you are riding on top of the slush layer. This is why it is a very dangerous condition and you will need to have good tyres that are able to prevent this from happening. You also need to have tyres that have sufficient tread depth as low tread depth increases the likelihood of it happening.

Once you believe that the winter has passed and you change to summer tyres you are ready to enjoy a nice spring with hopefully beautiful weather and perfect driving conditions and you can have the summer tyres on your vehicle until it is time to change back to winter tyres before the winter conditions return during autumns or early winter.

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