Good quality tires can often give you good warranties and satisfaction guarantee

winter tires

By investing in high quality winter tires, or as you they are also commonly referred to as winter tires, you want to make sure that you invest in car tires that can provide you with both the driving comfort that you want out of them as well as the necessary grip and safety performance. It is important that they have the perfect grip and traction on the main surfaces that you drive on during the winter season.

For winter tires you have usually the option of studded tires or non-studded ones. The studded has metal studs, which can dig into icy surfaces to generate excellent grip and traction. This makes these tires the preferred choice on icy roads. Icy roads tend to be more common in areas in close proximity to very large lakes and coastal areas where the humidity can create icy roads. On snowy roads, both the studded and non-studded tires perform equally good as the majority of the grip is created by the pattern design of the tread. When it comes to the non-studded tires, they have been able to incorporate numerous innovations over the years and they now have tires, that almost can compete in term of grip and traction with the studded tires. Instead of studs they use gripping particles, usually some type of silica, that is added to the compound of the tread to allow for good traction and grip on icy roads.

If you drive an electric car or hybrid you will need to make sure that the tires you are looking at buying are recommended for use on heavier electric cars, which will be able to compensate for the added weight and be durable enough not to wear out prematurely. They should also have low rolling resistance to ensure that you have low wear and be able to get further on each charge. And if you don’t have an electric car of hybrid, you will benefit from lower fuel consumption and lower carbon footprint as you drive.

Some of the highest quality winter tires will even offer you satisfaction guarantee for 30-days, when you purchase a new full set of tires from an authorized retailer. This means that they put a lot of trust in their products when it comes to safety and driving comfort, so that you can buy a set without any risk of being disappointed. They can also offer a warranty for the tires in terms of workmanship and material until the tires are worn out to a tread depth of 2/32 inches. For some tires they also offer treadwear warranty coverage. The advantage of purchasing premium tires, will keep you safer and out of trouble even if there would be some defects in the tires, as the warranty will replace them in that case and if you are not satisfied if you are trying them out for the first time. So make sure that you select the best tires for the winter season.

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