Safety check your tyres before your car summer vacation

Taking the car to the vacation destination is still highly popular and even more so now as many want to avoid large gatherings of people. More people want to avoid planes and longer trips this year as there is still a lot of uncertainty on where we can travel and what are the requirements upon our return and a possible second wave between now and once we get back. The beauty with a car vacation is that you can easily return back home and you are not dependent on any flight bookings that might be cancelled or not possible to rebook.

Another advantage is that with a car you have a sense of freedom and once you arrive you to still have access to your car. It can also be cheaper if you are a whole family traveling. To ensure that you have a pleasant trip and minimize the risk for any car related problems while driving to your end destination, you will need to make sure that you check the key safety items on your car. It can improve your safety, reduce the risk for delays or problems and decrease the travel costs. All these factors make it well worth your time to take the necessary steps before you head out on your trip.

You should always have your tyres checked and make sure that they are in good condition for the long drive. The main reason for breakdowns along the highway in summer are due to either running out of fuel or then tyre related problems. When it comes to tyres, they can easily be checked before you head out. Check for visual problems such as cuts or cracks. If you detect any problems it could be worth letting a tyre service station having a look at the tyres so that you get an expert opinion before the trip.  The best is to have premium summer tyres on your car as they are great for the summer conditions and if they are of high quality they tend to have low rolling resistance and therefore low fuel consumption. If you decided to go with all-weather tyres then you might have a bit higher wear and fuel consumption, which can impact the cost if it is a long vacation drive.

Before leaving your tyre pressure needs to be checked. Tyre pressure will vary with temperature and should be adjusted based on the load that you will carry. So a full car with family and luggage, needs to be adjusted before the long trip, which is why you should measure it with the car fully loaded and with cold tyres. Low tyre pressure can be a quite costly ordeal as the tyre will wear faster, so that you will need to replace the tyres earlier than anticipated. The fuel consumption will also increase, so your long trip can suddenly become a lot more expensive than planned.

You also need to check the tread depth of the tyres, to make sure that you have more than 4 mm remaining tread depth. If you are below, you should head towards a tyre shop and purchase a new set. You might also want to check the brakes and shock absorbers before heading of on your vacation.

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